Feb 10 -

Ma Ma Sichuan: 491-493 Swanston St, Melbourne CBD

I’m a sucker for all you can eat stuff. This place promised quite an awesome lunch deal. $10, all you can eat buffet with a free can drink. Any cheap food slut will squeal with delight, right? WRONG!

So, straight from the first section of the bain-marie, I can see the essential rice, fried rice, and another regular, chicken and corn soup with its good mate hot and sour soup. Both soups were standard taste, yummy yummy, nothing special - fried rice was awful, it tasted like normal rice, stir-fried with frozen veggies with a dash of soy sauce, wtf.

Surprisingly, I found their meat dishes were quite varied. Sure I was expecting the mongolian beef, honey chicken, you know that food-court sorta thing? Well they also have pork ribs marinated in soy sauce (which is - i think, the only good dish at this place) and chicken feet! I was excited about the chicken feet, to be honest. Since the first time I had it when I was four, I can never go back. But Ma Ma’s chicken feet was a total disappointment! I cried a little inside, I thought I’d be able to find a nice Chinese place where I can have all the chicken feet I want for under $10 dollars but NO! Mao Zedong thinks I should keep looking (or dreaming, perhaps)

Drink selections were nice though, you can choose the regular (boring) sodas or opt for the asian drinks! I chose the asian ones of course, I wanted to blend in and be cool like the rest of the crowd in that place - sipping their sugar cane yeo’s. I had the lychee, as always, never fails to deliver.

Also note that there is this chicken dish me and my friend had, that has a terrible terrible chili that resembles MEAT. DO NOT EAT IT. YOU WILL CRY. AND SIP AWAY YOUR YEO’S IN UNDER 30 SECONDS. If you’re a freak who does not tolerate pain caused by hot chilis, you are welcomed to try it.

Hmm, overall, if you’re really hungry and if you think you need and can eat 3 plates for lunch, go here. If you’re looking for a nice chinese lunch, dont. Stick to the $8 dishes by the food court, they’re so much better.

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